Sugar Crash

My own food education started 16 years ago when I turned 30. At that time, I was a Ph.D. student studying Cancer Genomics at Harvard Medical School . My life then revolved around my two main passions: research and sports. If I wasn't in the lab, I was most likely at Vandy playing volleyball, tennis, working out in the gym or simply out riding my bike. Although I was very active and in great cardio health, for a period of several months I was experiencing fatigue. I chalked it off to lack of sleep and stress from research. I told my older brother about my fatigue and he proceeded to send me an extra blood glucose meter his wife (who is diabetic) had laying around. To my surprise, on the first day I measured my fasting blood sugar (FBS), I was prediabetic! I thought this must have been a mistake. I took another finger prick and it measured 105. As a scientist, I needed more data points. For the following week, I measured my FBS daily and it always came back between 102 and 105